5 easy ways to organise your family photos at your wedding so no one is left out

I was chatting to a lady yesterday who was married nine years ago. She was telling me that on her wedding day,  her photographer had forgotten to take a photograph with her immediate family. She had one with Mum and Dad and one with her extended family but not one with her thee sisters. Ouch! I was organising a family portrait shoot for her and she explained how her family and sisters in particular have never let her live that down. It is a common story and to be honest when you think about what must be running through a bride and grooms head on their wedding day there is no surprise at all that things can get missed if not planned out well.

Here are 5 easy ways that will make sure that everything runs smoothly for your family groups at your wedding.

  1. I advise my clients to prepare a list of family photos for their wedding. Start from the extended family on each side and then work down. That way if there are any family that need to rush off they can be included. Then you can work down to immediate family with partners, immediate family and so on. I have a list that works great. Then we simply add extras to that list which makes it easy for my clients.
  2. Think of any family member or friend that you would like a single portrait with.
  3. What about a bunch of uni mates or work mates that you would like a photograph with.
  4. Family photographs can be fun and light hearted as well. I like to create a more personalised experience for my clients and this involves talking to them and suggesting ideas that would show some of their unique personality.
  5. Once you have a list, you need to give it to someone that can organise people really well, someone that knows your family and friends and will have no problem organising people. This way each group is ready to go so that time is not wasted with your photographer calling out names to come into shot.

5 easy ways to organise your family photographs at your wedding in the south west