Anticipation & Timing at Cape Lodge Wedding

This was an intimate wedding gathering at Cape Lodge Luxury Hotel in Yallingup. Luckily for me I could see there was enough emotion within the guests to share amongst twenty weddings. Emotion is something I am passionate about capturing. It’s when we shed our day to day veneer and reveal our feelings without a care in the world. In the context of families and life these moments are rare and valuable and lead to photographs that will be treasured.

This photo is of the brides Mum (laughing her head off), who, with her hubby had flown over from the U.K. Now there had already been some tears, some fighting back tears, lumps in throats and the whole works. Now laughter, sometimes explosive bursting out laughing is what usually comes after tears, it’s the release valve that lets off some tension. I like to identify who is more likely to be emotional at the ceremony at the bride getting ready stage. There’re a few indicators that I have seen over the years.

Now the anticipation part is knowing who is going to be emotional and having a sense of when it’s going to happen. I was ready and waiting for a trigger to set Mum off. The trigger can be one of many things, it could be a funny line from the celebrant/priest or a fumbling and panic attack by the best man searching for the rings. Whatever it is it will come and be over in a second and that’s where the timing comes in. Grabbing that split second moment is IT for me, that’s my slam dunk moment as a photographer. As I have refined and improved my timing I have now added context and composition to these photographs.

In this photograph the main subject the brides Mum is highlighted by being within a hidden “rule of thirds” dividing line that draws your eye to her eyes. This makes her significant to the viewer and draws your eye to her face. I also have chosen to include the many other faces and expressions, some are not as engaged with this moment and this further heightens the others that are enjoying a laugh.