My Approach

Photographic Style

I aim to capture the emotions – happy & tearful – of each wedding I photograph. These spontaneous reactions are linked to the incredible energy that exists at a wedding. Everything is important, every detail has been planned and created for a particular reason. I love to photograph the essence of this.

I am interested in the love between the bride & groom, and recording that connection – the relationship and love that they share. This happens most effectively by photographing in a photo-journalistic (or documentary) style, with simple composition and beautiful light. This approach creates a wonderful set of spontaneous and creative images for the bride & groom to keep and revisit.

You will have forever a true record of the love and happiness of your day.

Contact me to discuss how we can tell the story of your wedding.

John Rice
AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer

John Rice, Photographer

Bride & Groom Compliments

“Thank you for the fabulous work. We were so impressed with your attitude and passion on the day, and the resulting photos are just beautiful! We are having trouble deciding which we want to hang on our walls! I am back to my deployment to the Middle East, our photos will be a treasured thing to keep with me.”
Daniel & Meagan

“The photos are amazing!! We can’t get over them, everyone loves them so much. You did such a fantastic job, thank you so much.”

“We had a quick look through the wedding pics last night, they are absolutely brilliant! You have captured exactly what we were looking for ..”
Pamela & Brad

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