Boranup Forest Wedding

Impressive scenery in this ancient Kari forest. The giant trees stretch into the distance catching the warm sunlight. Richard & Lynsay love my landscape photography and were not overly keen on the idea of having a photo of them in their home of just their faces staring back at them. It’s something that I talk about with my clients a lot. They would rather me include them within a really beautiful natural scene, something with awesome light filtering through trees or a vineyard or at the beach. If it was me I’d want the same too, I get it and I know my wife Shannon would agree.

I vary the distances to subject to give some variety, in this photograph the subjects are quite far away but the next shot I’d walked four paces closer and they had a closer option to choose. I like the distance in this one myself because it emphasises the vast scale of the giant trees stretching into the distance. I do this with outdoor ceremonies as well, walking right away and photographing the ceremony setting is another unique look. I get a lot of positive comments about how much I move around searching for varying angles and perspectives to photograph.