Wedding Photography at Clairault Streicker Wines in Margaret River

Wedding Photography at Clairault Streicker Wines

Clairault Streicker Wines  is located just off Caves Road in the beautiful Margaret River wine region. I photographed Steve & Marianna’s wedding there recently. As it was a first wedding for me there I popped in to take a look at locations for photos.

Bride and groom holding hands walking across a field of grass towards a lake at Clairault Streicker Wines

Fuelled by an amazing coffee that the lovely Katie made me on arrival, I was really excited to take a look around. We jumped in her car and headed up past the endless rows of gorgeous grape vines to the original cellar door which is an old timber weather board style property. Amazingly, this building was moved by hand at least five hundred metres up hill to it’s current site. The workers somehow found a way to roll it up the hill, what! That’s crazy.

Wedding couple at Clairault Streicker Wines

The rows of vines fade off into the distance, the lines create it’s own pretty, natural perspective and the soft green colour washes out in the sun. Originally I was a landscape photographer from England, so to say I was a tad excited by what I was seeing would not be doing my feelings any justice at all. Lets get to the wedding day already!! I want to start photographing now. Katie then showed me the beautiful cork trees.

Groom with his groomsmen in a cork tree at Wedding couple at Clairault Streicker Wines

The cork trees are perfect for my style of photography, if there is an opportunity to create a group shot with different levels and spontaneity I will. The texture of the bark is really cool and the light filtering through the trees can be really nice if you choose the right angle to shoot from.

natural photo of bride with bridesmaids laughing at Clairault Streicker Wines in Margaret River

This area was nice and easy to get to by car and would be a five to ten minute walk from the cellar door. Once there, everything is nice and close by. The lovely cork tree, row upon row of grape vines and a cute old weatherboard cottage. This takes the stress out of a bridal shoot. Not jumping in and out of cars rushing here and there. Just hanging out with close friends and family and enjoying the moment.

The photo below is showing some funny banter going on between Steve and Marianna and the bridal party. I love to be around the bridal party photographing moments like this. It’s them being themselves which is fantastic.

bride and groom opening bottle of champagne in Margaret River vineyard at Clairault Streicker Wines

The rows of grapevines are wonderful for nice small group shots, it’s cosy and a bit of fun. Framed by the lovely soft greens this is perfect for a formal wedding photo or like the one below something more chilled. I always shoot both but I do lean more towards the fun style myself.

bride cuddled up to her bridesmaids laughing in a vineyard at Clairault Streicker Wines

Photographing through the grapevines is a really nice way of framing it with blurred leaves. At this time the sun was still quite high up and as we needed to photograph at this particular time I had to make the best out of what the light was offering. Finding the right angle to position the bride and groom so the light is nice and soft is the most important part. Prior to selecting this spot I had been running around checking the best row to use for lighting. Steve and Marianna were having a great time with their friends and I did not call them over until I had everything set and ready.

bride and groom laughing in a row of grapevines at Clairault Streicker Wines in Margaret River

The weatherboard cottage is really cute and full of character, again with a great understanding of light you can achieve a wide range of lovely effects to mix it up. Below is a really lovely moment again with Steve and Marianna enjoying themselves.

wedding photo at cute old weather board cottage at Clairault Streicker Wines in Margaret River

So three or four different scenes in one short drive, having the car there was great as all the food and drink was 10 metres from where we were shooting. Now the interesting thing is we did not get to all of the locations at Clairault Streicker Wines. Other ones on the shortlist were a lake with a jetty, there is also some beautiful natural forest with old established banksia trees and gum trees.

The location below is on the driveway into Clairault Streicker Wines. I noticed it because of the amazing light falling on it at the time we arrived on the wedding day. The venue loved these shots and they are using them for their promotional material.

Wedding Photography at Clairault Streicker Wines


John Rice Photographer at Clairault Streicker Wines in Margaret River photographing bride and groom walking toward beautiful lake


Amazing beautiful light as bride and groom walk through landscape looking at one another

So as you can see one of the skills of a wedding photographer is having the eye to see something amazing and direct pictures spontaneously without any preparation. I have found that over years of doing this style of photography I have become really good at this.

Amazing landscape scenery, huge trees, long grass, lakes and all easy to get to. Clairault Streicker Wines is a perfect venue to have your wedding. I will update this blog soon with pics of the reception space and table decor shots.