Destination Wedding, Katanning, WA

Ok so am I being a tad cheeky when I say destination wedding? I did not have to get on an airplane that is true but I did drive three and half hours though beautiful forests and farm country to get there. I had the window down, listening to Xavier Rudd watching beautiful scene after beautiful scene pass me by and occasionally I had a coffee in hand.

Here is a little sneak peak from Paul and Jasmins’ awesome wedding which was on their family farm dating back to 1892. Paul is an environmental scientist and it was really cool to find out that the Blackwood River starts on their property. I remember him telling me when we first met about how he and his family had applied for a grant and they had planted 3000 trees, shrubs and grasses all local native species to the area.

It’s nice to know there are good news stories out there concerning the environment and it’s something that my my wife Shannon and I are considering on our property in Margaret River as we develop our interpretation of a Permaculture Farm.

I chose this pic because it reminds me of how excited I was when Jasmin told me she had a ute and thought it could be good for a photo somehow. Instantly this photo popped into my head and I excitedly requested it be driven to the top of a hill where Paul and Jasmin could jump on the back. I loved the dark moody sky, so dramatic but the tricky part was lining up the light band of cloud to Paul and Jasmins heads to create a silhouette.

Bride and groom standing on ute on their farm in Kattaning, WA

Bride and groom standing on ute on their farm in Kattaning, WA