Wedding at Sir Thomas Moore Church Margaret River

This photo was taken at a wedding at Sir Thomas Moore Church Margaret River. I chose this one purely because the bride and groom had not seen this happen on their wedding day. They were not far away but of course they had a lot going on.

I am asked from time to time by my clients if I have eyes in the back of my head. I capture lots of little interactions between wedding guests that the bride and groom have not noticed on their wedding day. So when my clients come to the studio to see their photos for the first time, I find that there is a lot of spontaneous laughter and comments like “wow look at uncle Peter there!”….”I’ve never seen her so happy”….”oh that’s so cute”.

The wedding day is unreal, so many people come out of their shell and live the moment. I love that. I really love photographing it too. Throughout my twenty years of photographing weddings I have repeatedly had comments about how often I am on the move to get a different angle or react to a moment about to unfold. The great thing now is that I have photographed so many weddings that I can see things coming before they happen. I even have time to get the best composition, exposure and light before I grab that split second moment when five guests suddenly erupt into laughter.

This photo was taken outside Sir Thomas Moore Church in Margaret River. It is one of those wonderful times when family can not contain their excitement for a new super cute addition to the family. This baby knows how to work a crowd and this is one of many photos that recored this time. First one person noticed the little baby smiling away and then more and more people came to see and share the moment. A few metres away the bride and groom are relaxing chatting to guests and collecting themselves after a very pressured start to the day.

My style of photography is about collecting lots of small stories like this one and putting them together. Whilst the bride and groom are certainly the main characters of the day, my clients love how I do not focus solely on them alone. Giving them time to chill is important and offering them memories like this one to enjoy and re live.