My style and what I really care about at weddings

It has taken me many years to evaluate and know what really matters to me when I am asked to record and document a wedding. I find it hard to put into words because every potential sentence has a cliche or two lurking and I hate the thought of sounding like a sales brochure.

Discovering your style can take a long time.  When you have found your passion and what you love to do, you have to be brave enough to just be that person.

I have photographed weddings for twenty years now and only in the last five years has my photography matched what I am 100% passionate about. Prior to that, I was like many photographers around now, photographing what I thought I should to play it safe. I was covering all the bases whilst my work and satisfaction suffered.

There came a point where I realised that unless I was true to myself I was always going to be one of the many photographers out there. I would never have a defining style and I would not have clients that must have me for their wedding.

In being genuine to myself and my clients I have found many positives. My clients tell me how great I am (heh that is nice) I get beautiful posts and reviews thanking me. I need to keep the tissue boxes stocked at my studio because my work connects with people. My photographs mean so much to them that during their wedding premiere slideshow my clients get emotional. I have amazing wedding venues asking to recommend me and wanting to use my photographs for their advertising. Magazines ask to publish my work. Most importantly though is that I am photographing what I am passionate about. I am attracting fantastic clients that I love to hang out with. Their weddings are awesome, they are really cool unique weddings with a story to be told.

So what is my style, what is my passion. I love people and the connections they have to their best mates and family. If you put this into the context of “a wedding” there is a lot of emotion that comes from these connections. I absolutely love to capture emotions, happy or sad, when people are dropping their guard and revealing their genuine emotions for another person or just so  happy and excited that they look like they will burst. I know how to record emotions very well and I can build a beautiful collection of “photographs with a story” very quickly.

I do not interrupt an occasion that is wonderful and spontaneous to try to re create it in a contrived way. I move around all the time, I never stop but my clients often say they never saw me. They are often amazed at how much I have captured, things that they did not get to see or do not remember happening. Photographs that have captured their mother so happy and laughing that no one ever has managed to get. Imagine how good that makes me feel to hear that.

I also love to see beautiful light within a scene and I will direct my clients within that to create a photograph that would look amazing as an art piece on their living room wall. Landscape photography has been a passion since studying the great artists and the rules of composition for my photography degree. I bring this background into my wedding work to create compositions and light that are unique to me. I can say that with conviction because I have not looked at another wedding photographers work for five years or more. I get my influences from art and other areas of photography.

Lastly, have you ever heard the classic album bashing comment from a friend or relative, “don’t bother getting an album because it will just sit in the cupboard”? Well if your wedding photographs were just not you, posed and awkward then I would say fair enough lets get that out of sight and in the cupboard. I have heard people say they are embarrassed about their wedding photographs and they can not bare to look at them. My photography is about giving you photographs that bring your day back to you, every feeling, every laugh and tear. Imagine owning an album that could bring your wedding day back to you whenever you wanted to view it.

This is what Sarah and many of my clients have recently said about my work…

This weekend will be a year since our wedding day and still not a week goes past where I don’t look at our amazing photos. You captured everything and brings back such wonderful emotions. No words could ever thank you enough. You are a true artist, we are so lucky.

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Thankyou so much John! I’ve just had a quick whip through the gallery you sent through and the photos are fantastic. So, so happy and looking through them brought the day back, so much laughter and tears looking through them smile emoticon

Thanks again for the amazing job. The photos are great but you were also fantastic on the day, made us all feel at ease and you really just fit right in!

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Jarrad and I chose Ricey as our wedding photographer for his candid photo-journalistic style and he didn’t disappoint. The photos tell the story of our day just as it happened. I had quite a few guests come up to me throughout the night and say “that photographer is so sneaky… I didn’t even realize he was taking photos of us!” and I thought to myself- perfect! He’s doing his job! Ricey was relaxed and professional and we couldn’t be happier with the photos.

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Thankyou so much for our beautiful photos John. We are unbelievably happy with them. We love how you have captured the story of our wedding day with such natural photos that really show the emotion n special moments. You are amazing at what you do. We will continue you to recommend you to others. Thanks again Sheriden n Chris xo

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10 months ago
We are absolutely delighted with our wedding photos. John really understood our ideas and answered any of our questions promptly. John made us feel so comfortable, the whole experience was fun and enjoyable. He captured so many beautiful moments and emotions of our amazing day, from candid shots of guests, to beautiful beach shots. We will be able to look back at this perfect collection of photos and be transported back to that moment. Thankyou so much.Justine and Warren Duff