Photos like this mean so much to me

This is Melanie looking amazing in her wedding dress at Caves House in Yallingup. She is getting ready in a beautiful room upstairs, the balcony overlooks the wonderful terraced gardens where she will be married. Guests are arriving and her fiancé Michael is greeting friends and family in the gardens below.

At this point I think it is fair to say that a lot of wedding photographers would be shooting portraits of the bride, lots of portraits of the bride. My clients want some really nice portraits of them but not tons, they know that I can see more to the story of their wedding day than just them, them and more them. They do not want to experience photo fatigue as they are preparing for one of the most important, exciting and nerve racking moments in their lives.

Twenty years of photographing weddings does not always make you a better photographer than someone that has been shooting weddings for three years. What I do believe is that with that twenty years of experience comes an understanding of what is important to you as a person and what you choose to look for and photograph. For me family is the thing, it’s it! Our relationships with family, our connections and history together is so interesting and important. Add to that the fact that life is never mapped out quite as we think, that the people that we plan on being around forever are not always so. This makes these key moments in life even more important to be present at and to let yourself enjoy.

This is what I am looking for during every second of a wedding and if I see it I will shoot it there and then or wait for the context to deliver a more fitting moment. Within in five minutes of arriving to photograph Melanie getting ready I was aware that her parents were completely present and connected with what was happening that morning. They were also bursting at the seems with pride. Dad was dressed and ready and Mum just could not stop smiling with excitement. I hung around pretending to take photos of Melanie and caught this gorgeous shot. I love the pride on their faces, that’s a long journey right there, my eldest daughter is sixteen and I can feel where they are in this moment. A disbelief that they are there already, it has all gone so quick but there little girl is now a beautiful young woman about to go on an amazing journey.

This is what I get from this photo and why I wanted to share it with you. I would love to know your comments about it.

Brides parents sharing a proud moment