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Hilarious groomsmen photographs at Voyager Estate

I love to have fun at weddings and I think that creating a fun experience for my clients gives them the opportunity to really enjoy the experience. To do this I will play games with the bridal party or the bride and groom. They are really simple ideas that work so well. When I photograph a wedding like this it is like I am simply recording people having fun. I invite them into a cool game to play, they react in a spontaneous way and I photograph that.

If you look at these two photographs you can see how the groomsmen have reacted to Tim’s spontaneous hip dance move, some look in shock, one hasn’t even had time to react and one is pointing in amazement. This is brilliant, imagine how much fun this was and imagine how much enjoyment Prue and Tim will have from viewing their photographs in years to come.

A few weeks after their wedding I was chatting to Prue and she said that the bridal shoot and the food at Voyager were the two stand out parts of her wedding day. She said everyone had so much fun with the photos. That is what I love about weddings they are so happy and fun.

Hilarious wedding photograph of groomsmen at Voyager Estate in Margaret River in The South West

groomsmen funny photograph at Voyager Estate in Margaret River in the South West

5 ways to make genuine wedding photographs that tell your clients stories

I absolutely love the story behind this wedding photograph taken at Caversham House in the Swan valley. I will share this story in my next piece but for now I would like to give some insight into how you can record genuine moments like this for your clients at every wedding. Not just one per wedding but a body of work that your clients will connect with and enjoy for many years.

  1. I have photographed weddings for 17 years now and with that experience comes a sense of what is going to happen next. I love the fact that I can anticipate a genuine spontaneous reaction before it has occurred.
  2. Be one step ahead and have your exposure settings ready incase that moment actually does occur like you think it will.
  3. Be lightning fast, there are no re takes at weddings, they move so fast and emotions spike at critical times. You have to be fast to capture them.
  4. Don’t just look but listen. Start listening to what is happening around you and let that direct you to your next great photograph.
  5. Once you are starting to record photographs that your clients are blown away by, you can raise them to a higher level again by already having your compositions ready by pre framing. If that moment that you have anticipated does occur you already know how you are going to fame it to add context to the story of the shot.

5 ways to take wedding photographs that will tell your clients story

On a side note, think carefully about what you call yourself in your marketing. Is it fair to call yourself a “photojournalist” or that you shoot “natural candid moments” if really you are shooting a wedding photographer shot list. Often it will not be apparent to them until on their wedding day when they realise that they are being posed in that generic wedding list way.