Wedding Photographs at Leeuwin Estate in Margaret River





I visited the Leeuwin Estate, one of the founding wineries of the now famous Margaret River district to meet up with the lovely Rachael, who manages the weddings and functions.  Driving in through the estate along a windy lane past the endless vineyards it was clear why this is a sought after location for weddings and bridal photographs. The view from the balcony is made for either relaxing with a glass of wine or for someone like myself, getting very excited with my camera. The vast lawned area meets a forrest of tall gum trees creating a subtle natural backdrop that I like to use.

I have met a lot of really genuine and nice people so far in Margaret River and Rachael is certainly one of them. Firstly she loved my images which was very cool and also during a hectic part of the day she took time to chat and help me. She told me where the best locations were on the estate which really helped. I have to say that with the beautiful views, amazing food on show and great wine this really is a top spot to work and all the staff seemed to be well aware of that. I love creative images with people within a landscape. For a bride and groom the best news is that you do not have to walk far to get a great range of images to help tell your wedding story. I think that is important and a great benefit to the Leeuwin Estate, in a relatively short space of time you can have some memorable wedding photographs and be back celebrating with your guests.