Weddings at Margaret River’s Secret Garden



Margaret River’s Secret Garden is a joy to visit. Walking along the winding pathways through the creatively designed gardens is a wonderful experience. I dropped in to meet Pat Poynton who is the owner and creator of this beautiful space, I spent quite a few hours here investigating and finding out about how it developed. Time just slips by here, there is a spiritual feel to the gardens that leaves you feeling at ease. Pat, Lisa the Functions manager and the highly talented ground staff are so friendly and genuine that it was an absolute pleasure to meet them, Pat made a seriously yummy morning tea for her staff which I was very happy to try.

Considering this was April and the flowers were not in bloom, I still found myself so excited about the prospect of photographing a wedding here.  The garden is so well designed it is like walking through a series of scenes, each scene is perfectly designed and created for bridal photographs. Each scene I can imagine a bride and groom leaning against that tree or a bride with her bridesmaids sat down chatting on that bench. There are natural bush settings, a spectacular European courtyard, a magnificent Lily pond framed by pillars with the most beautiful wisteria climbing on them, sweeping lawns, decking running down to a stream, I could very easily go on and on. This place is so special that I can remember every single scene that I would use while photographing a wedding here.

The first things that I look for in a wedding photography location is the variety that it offers, how much walking will be involved for the bride and her bridesmaids and will the experience be great for the bridal party. The Secret Garden is incredibly convenient which is so valuable on a wedding day. To be able to save time by having  the  luxury of an exquisite bridal location at the ceremony location offers you so many possibilities. You may want to have extended congratulations with champagne being served, you could like the idea of having some photos taken and then have a break to talk with your guests who are close. You may like the fact that because there are so many great scenes all very close within the gardens that you do not have to be away from your guests for hours whilst having photos.

There are so many positive aspects to Margaret River’s Secret Garden, I have too many lovely images of the gardens for just one post so I will add two more over the next few days. I hope to pop in before Christmas to photograph the gardens whilst they are in flower.