Telling a story with humour

It’s the little subtle moments like this that combine to create a sense of your personal wedding story. Outside the shackles of “the photo shot list” lie many instances like this one. I like to add humour to my photography and there was something fun about this photo that I am sure the bride and groom will enjoy in years to come. The happy and content expression on the bridesmaids face while ironing a shirt is fabulous. The bride and her bridesmaids were so calm, happy and relaxed it was a real joy to move around the space and capture moments like this. There are a couple of details that I love about this photo, the house where we were getting ready overlooked Grunters surf break at Gnarabup and the surf painting gives it that context, it was important to include that painting to add balance with the blue bridesmaids dress. The other detail is the stylish form of the bridesmaids left hand which counter balances her other hand which is doing all the hard work, it’s reminiscent of the English tea cup etiquette of having your little finger trailing slightly.

Of course as you’d expect once the bridesmaid had sensed that I was taking her photo she adjusted her hand and looked at camera, laughing, probably thinking why on earth would you photograph me doing this. The simple reason is that I listened to my clients for over twenty years of photographing their weddings and the truth is they have valued photographs like this as much or more than the some of the more expected traditional photos.